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Chattahoochee Hills, March 27, 2021

We took the crew to Chatt Hills Schooling show this past weekend. We took 5 horses from home: Rosey, Zack, Scotty, Eli and Darcy. We also met 2 students at the show.

The weekend weather was nice in spite of tornadoes hitting nearby our farm Thursday and western Georgia on Thursday night.

Overall the show gave us lots of great experiences for the horses.

Zack made it through all three phases in spite of being pretty green about everything and having a failure of confidence mid cross country course over a blue house.

Honor had her best dressage test ever on Scotty. She says this is her last show on him, but we’ll see. She had a few mistakes in stadium and cross country which dropped her to 6th but I don’t think she cared. Any adventure with Scotty makes for a great day for Honor.

Ashlynn was super proud of her “half blind, killpen pony,” who took in his entire first experience at a show with no antics and lots of effort. She schooled most of the tadpole cross country and had lots of success at competing Amoeba. I think this pair will move up quickly as the year progresses.

Clair had a great first run at Tadpole on Eli. I think they both gained a ton of confidence and are itching to get back out to compete. They came home with a well deserved 4th place.

Rosey was the best green pony away from home For the first time.She gave a great effort at Amoeba and only pulled one rail. I feel confident she can move up to Tadpole in April and if we keep progressing like this, we should make beginner novice by the summer.

Anna and Leah, students who met us at the show, did stellar! Anna completed her beginner novice ride with a 2nd place. Leah achieved a 4th place with her best dressage score ever and her first completion of both stadium and cross country.

I was super proud of everyone. It was our best outting of 2021 so far, in spite of Zack making a scene about getting on the trailer to come home. Thank goodness there is always more to work on!

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